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Michael | December 30, 2023 | Updated on: February 16th, 2024

Double Ball Roulette from Felt Gaming captivates players in a way many casino games simply can’t. This variation of roulette introduces new and exciting features that add to the excitement of the game. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most innovative roulette games online.

Double Ball Roulette Table

Double Ball Roulette takes the game layout of European Roulette with the roulette wheel containing one zero. The major difference is that the roulette comes with two balls in stead of one. There are no differences in the types of bets players can make. However, when it comes to a winning bet, the rules differ slightly. To win with inside, only one ball needs to fall into place. For outside bets, both balls need to fall into the pockets for the win to be successful.

Double Ball Roulette Layout

The Double Ball Roulette layout is one of the most attractive roulette tables you will find online. It is visually appealing with real-life animations and graphics. The layout is simple and easy to use. Players can also keep track of where each of the roulette balls come to rest with a special zoomed in effect appearing above the roulette wheel.

Double Ball Roulette Bets

Inside Bets

These are bets placed on the inner parts of the roulette table. To win with these bets in Double Ball Roulette only one ball needs to fall into the inside bet placed. These include bets on:

  • Single numbers
  • Two numbers
  • A line of numbers
  • Corner of four
  • Two vertical lines of three numbers each

Outside Bets

These are bets players can find on the outside of the roulette table. These are bets placed on groups of numbers. For players to successfully pocket a win with these bets, both balls need to fall into the right pockets. These include best on:

  • Any same number
  • Dozen bets
  • Column bets

Neighbour Bets

This is a five-number bet which applies to numbers chosen by players and the two chosen numbers are the side of the chosen number on the roulette wheel. To place this bet, players will press the neighbours’ button. Players will then be taken to the neighbours’ racetrack where they can place the bet.  

Play Double Ball Roulette Online

Double Ball Roulette is an innovative and highly rewarding roulette variant. It is a game that appeals to all players, but may appeal more to high rollers with the jackpot sitting at 1200 times your bet. Enjoy the thrills and rewards this roulette game have to offer. Play Double Ball Roulette and other exciting Felt games at the best Felt Gaming casinos today!

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